Our Story | Re-Launch

Re-Launch 2019 


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Letter from the Founder: 

NECESSARY was conceptualized in October 2018 after deciding that we wanted to think on a larger scale than the print publication. Print publication? Yeah, it's coming our goal is to build the community both online and offline. You should expect this by Fall 2019.

As for digitally, our goal is to build out a platform that is organic to the cultural movements going on within Canada and how that affects our industry whether it is fashion, arts, or community.

With an e-commerce platform dedicated to supporting the arts we also want to ensure that is content is speaking to the same person.

This is where we have taken a chance to start thinking big picture or in other words put our money where our mouth is. We will be launching our first in-store experience on April 2nd here in Toronto.

Want details? Well follow us @shopnecessary and enter your email in that annoying thing that keeps popping up.

--------------- Katrina Lainsbury